Wednesday, February 02, 2005

There and back again

After chundering quite severely last night we decided it was probably best to pop in and have a chat with my doctor so this morning finds Max and me sitting in Mattishall surgery waiting for an emergency appointment.

Ten minutes later I was ushered in to meet Dr Hughes who, after much teeth sucking, rib prodding, urine testing and tongue examining told me to go back to the waiting room. He was 'not at all happy about sending me home' and wanted to speak to my consultant at the hospital. We waited another ten minutes before he came through and told me I had to go straight to the EAU (emergency assesment unit) at the Norfolk & Norwich where they were expecting me. With a crash team I assumed by his tone of voice.

Not worried in any way, we drove to the N&N and eventually found our way to the EAU to meet another doctor who was going to 'assess' me. After a wait there followed more rib prodding, blood extraction and several attempts to take my blood pressure, the machine insisting that I didn't have any and was therefore dead. He then decided that what I really needed was an ultrasound and sent me halfway across the hospital to radiology.

The receptionist there wanted to book me in for an appointment at the normal waiting time of 5 years but I managed to convince her that I had to have one today. A kindly radiologist took pity on me at that point and said she would 'do' me after her clinic finshed at 12.30, two hours away. More waiting ensued but luckily, at 11.45, a space came available and in I went. This time the rib prodding was accompanied by warm gel and no body fluids were required.

Finally, we're back in EAU waiting for my consultant registrar to have her go. One last bout of rib prodding and a quick Q&A session and i'm given the all clear. Probably just caught the tail end of a stomach bug that was going round a couple of weeks ago so no major worries, though she did sign me off for the remainder of the week 'just to be safe'.

Back home finally and two things are quite apparent to me. Firstly, your ribcage isn't really designed to have four different people poke and prod it in the space of three hours. Secondly, men sit in waiting rooms too. I am one and I saw several others as well. With this in mind, why is the only reading matter available to pass the time 'Good Housekeeping' and 'Heat'?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Good Housekeeping" and "Heat"? At least you got those! I normally have to resign myself to 30 year old copies of "Woman's Weekly".

The worrying thing is someone's gone through and removed all the knitting patterns and recipes....

Katy (Flipping Heck!)

5:12 pm, February 04, 2005  
Blogger sparx said...

This hospital is only a couple of years old. They did transfer all the furniture in the day rooms from the old one but I think that would have been taking the piss (even by NHS standards) to bring the old magazines as well.

8:51 am, February 07, 2005  
Anonymous Mad said...

I walked out of the last hospital waiting room I was in, I just couldn't take the waiting any longer.... I might have stayed if there'd been copies of heat. ;)

11:26 pm, August 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of life's mysteries. Dentists are the same. Even my local garage had copies of 'Womans Weekly'. Whatever next?

11:56 am, December 03, 2006  

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