Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ireland 19 - 13 England

Who would have predicted Wales and Ireland as the only two teams still able to take the Grand Slam after three games? My grandad got me into rugby as a child and, what with him being a Dubliner, I grew up supporting the Emerald Isle. England are my second team though and their current record is huge cause for concern. 0 for 3 in this Six Nations which is the worst run in 18 years.

It's good news for the competition as a whole though. The big game always used to be England v France, the winner pretty much assured the championship. This year's Big match is still to come. Ireland v Wales on the last weekend is going to be a cracker assuming Ireland beat France which they should, especially as they're playing at home. Poor old England on the other hand must still come out of this with two wins as their easiest games are still to come, Scotland and Italy.

I don't think England have dropped in form that drastically in the fifteen months since becoming world champions. A lot of the other teams have just improved hugely, Ireland in particular. Just ask South Africa. Andy Robinson has to do something soon though or the confidence is going to disappear totally and that will be very bad.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

FireFox Rules!

My browser stats from the last few day tell an interesting story. Check out the number of Firefox users. This suggests that you bloggers are leading the way in IE avoidance. Good work fellas!

New Blogring just for you motorcyclists

I'm setting up a new webring for bloggers what bike just because I can and, lets face it, anything for more traffic eh! I know there's a couple of visitors here who partake in the evils of the Motorcycle on a regular basis so, how about it?

26/2 You can now join up from the homepage at Go on, you know you want to.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Children of Iraq

Got this link from Timesnewroman. The Children of Iraq. All the images are disturbing in their own way but the second half is sometimes graphic. Don't want to look? Well you should. Then anyone who still thinks this whole sorry mess is worth it can take themselves to the nearest busy road and go and play in the traffic.

Office politics

So far I have refrained from posting anything about my job, partly out of caution but mostly because you really wouldn't be interested in the dull lives of my co-workers. This last fortnight has been trying though, the bosses have been on holiday and when the cats away...

I'm sure there are women (it's always women) in every office like the gaggle I work with. I had one in my old job who would tell downright lies just to get people into trouble but she has got nothing on the smallminded, evil old bats I have to share my weekdays with now. They don't partake in the usual idle gossip about last nights soaps and who's poking who according to Heat magazine. They don't swap recipes or baby stories with the younger girls or coo-coo over pictures of their latest grandchildren.

Nothing as harmless as all that.

What these gorgons do is slag off everyone and everything from 9.00am to 5.00pm. The moaning and bitching has been relentless for two weeks and it's done my head in. There is one who is particularly vicious so lets stick with the gorgon analogy and call her 'Medusa'. Very posh and well spoken, I have never heard her utter a profanity. Ironic then that she couldn't be more foul mouthed and offensive if she was suffering from Tourettes. Not just a shit stirrer of the highest order but a bigot beyond belief. The way she spits out the words 'those people' would have a Klu Klux Clan Grand Wizard hold up his hands and call for a bit of restraint.

And the poison and bile drips from her mouth permanently. Every telephone conversation, even other peoples, is followed by a snide comment. One of our fitters, admittedly a bit of a drama queen, has been slagged off so much recently that she has turned him into the office joke, a trick she also pulled with our old installation manager. The saddest thing is everyone goes along with it, I assume so they won't be next. It got so bad that by Friday I was listening to my radio through headphones just to shut it all out but now the bosses are back and so far today old snakehead has been very quiet.

On reflection I suppose she is a pityable character. What must it be like not being able to see the good side of anything, going through life hating everyone (including, if you believe her, her husband) and everything. Working for companies who aren't being run to your satisfaction, not even being able to buy a sandwich without finding something fundamentally wrong with the packaging. So I pity her (and her husband) for her miserable life and the blackness she has to look forward to. I'm sure she'd find something to say about that though and it probably wouldn't be nice.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Sick but funny website of the day (probably nsfw)

Newgrounds Naked Woman (requires flash player).

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Annus Horriblius Update

I went back to the hospital Friday to get my results from the biopsy. It should suprise no-one that said results were inconclusive and I may have to go through it all again. I'm just dancing round the room with glee over this as you can imagine.

There is also another addition to the 'shit happening' list below. Rich's wife Jo got into work on Friday (trainee teacher at a local high school) to be told they won't be needing her services from September! So she's out of a job before her training is finished, which is great because we apparently have a surplus of teachers.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Annus Horriblius (and it's only February)

OK, own up. Who have we managed to piss off? Someone out there has got a real downer on the residents of the old farm cottages on Greengate at the moment and I want to know what their problem is. So far in the last couple of months we have had the following happen to us:

1) Rich gets knocked off his bike by myopic moron. Broken foot, collar bone, hand and a written off bike.
2) Rich's sister collapses and dies without any warning.
3) Audi driving twat decides to take out his penis envy on me by trying to run me off the road, damaging my bike and going over my foot in the process.
4) My biopsy day arrives. End up having to go through it twice and I then catch something that puts me off work for a week.
5) Andy (next door but one the other way) goes into work last Monday to be told he no longer has a job as the company is now closed.

And the latest...
6) This Tuesday Max's dad get rushed into hospital after having a heart attack.

Thankfully it wasn't a bad one, more of a warning shot across the bows. I hope (perhaps selfishly) for Max's sake that he heeds the warning and quits smoking. He says he will but has already started making excuses why he doesn't have to. Really. I mean, the doctors could be wrong and it was caused by something else. Couldn't they? And anyway, things are alright when taken in moderation.

Guardian Unlimited - Charles and Camilla to marry

Breaking news, Charles and Camilla to marry. I think I speak for a great number of us when I say "So?"

I mean what is all the fuss about? I've just been listening to the story on the radio and can't believe people are complaining about it. One woman was saying how wrong the whole thing is and it's not fair to (princess) Di!

News flash for you love. Di has been dead seven years and probably doesn't have an opinion on the subject. Also, much as the Daily Mail (official paper of the Royal Family) would like you to think otherwise, it's really none of yours or anyone elses business. It's not going to affect your life one little bit. In any way. Whatsoever. At all. Ever. You certainly aren't going to be invited to the reception.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

From the email of Marcus Scott

I've set up email blogging finally. This is just a test. Testing
1..2..3... Can you hear me at the back?

The gallery -
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

There and back again

After chundering quite severely last night we decided it was probably best to pop in and have a chat with my doctor so this morning finds Max and me sitting in Mattishall surgery waiting for an emergency appointment.

Ten minutes later I was ushered in to meet Dr Hughes who, after much teeth sucking, rib prodding, urine testing and tongue examining told me to go back to the waiting room. He was 'not at all happy about sending me home' and wanted to speak to my consultant at the hospital. We waited another ten minutes before he came through and told me I had to go straight to the EAU (emergency assesment unit) at the Norfolk & Norwich where they were expecting me. With a crash team I assumed by his tone of voice.

Not worried in any way, we drove to the N&N and eventually found our way to the EAU to meet another doctor who was going to 'assess' me. After a wait there followed more rib prodding, blood extraction and several attempts to take my blood pressure, the machine insisting that I didn't have any and was therefore dead. He then decided that what I really needed was an ultrasound and sent me halfway across the hospital to radiology.

The receptionist there wanted to book me in for an appointment at the normal waiting time of 5 years but I managed to convince her that I had to have one today. A kindly radiologist took pity on me at that point and said she would 'do' me after her clinic finshed at 12.30, two hours away. More waiting ensued but luckily, at 11.45, a space came available and in I went. This time the rib prodding was accompanied by warm gel and no body fluids were required.

Finally, we're back in EAU waiting for my consultant registrar to have her go. One last bout of rib prodding and a quick Q&A session and i'm given the all clear. Probably just caught the tail end of a stomach bug that was going round a couple of weeks ago so no major worries, though she did sign me off for the remainder of the week 'just to be safe'.

Back home finally and two things are quite apparent to me. Firstly, your ribcage isn't really designed to have four different people poke and prod it in the space of three hours. Secondly, men sit in waiting rooms too. I am one and I saw several others as well. With this in mind, why is the only reading matter available to pass the time 'Good Housekeeping' and 'Heat'?