Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Tomorrow I will be mostly...

...having hollow spikes shoved into my body. I am paying a visit to the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital for a liver biopsy followed by overnight stay and breakfast.

A couple of years ago I got sent to the doctors by Max about stomach pains I kept getting and, a number of blood tests later, it was revealed that I had 'Abnormal LFT's'. (Thats liver function tests to you and me.) I have spent the last two years going back every few months for more blood tests, ultrasounds and on one really don't ever want to do that again occasion, a barium enema. The LFT's have apparently improved over time but are still not normal so the Docs have decided they want a piece of me to take away and study. Oh well, I needed to lose weight anyway.


Anonymous Mad said...

Oooooh yuck.

Man all of those procedures sound vile... barium enema eek! I suspect that was worse than the catheter incident I had!

11:22 pm, August 02, 2006  

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