Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. Have fun, get drunk, eat lots. ENJOY!

Friday, December 17, 2004

Trying to bite my tongue...

...but can't hold it any longer. I've tried not to post this rant as my wife says i'm always too negative and cynical but after the journeys i've had to endure over the last few days enough is enough. So, before I start I want you to consider one thing.

Filtering is legal.

For those of you who don't know what i'm talking about, filtering is what motorbikes and bicycles do when they ride down the outside of stationary or slow-moving traffic. And it IS legal. OK?
There are obviously rules governing filtering and there are occasions where it is not allowed, of course. On the whole though a perfectly acceptable practice that, when done safely and correctly, should not be dangerous or inconvenient to anyone on the road.

You'd think.

There are drivers on the road today who have mega attitude problems. We all know that, it's almost a dull journey if someone hasn't flipped you the finger for something utterly trivial. But giving attitude and knocking someone into the path of an oncoming lorry out of sheer small-minded spite are two different things.

And it is spite. Just because I don't have to sit in that bloody great queue of traffic Mr Car Driver thinks it's OK to swing into the middle of the road as I approach, trying to block me. And for what? You aren't holding me up really, i'll be past you in a minute anyway. So why do it? What is going through your tiny mind as you stare straight ahead, pretending you don't know i'm there?
'Oh, i'm sorry, I didn't realise i'd crossed the centre line just as you came up beside me, didn't even know you were there.'

Yeah, whatever.

The other night this pathetic exercise almost went too far. Coming through Lenwade, traffic was at a complete standstill and nothing was coming the other way. Obviously a serious problem somewhere up ahead. I drifted across to the middle of the oncoming lane and crawled past the queue at about 15mph. Not a problem.
Well, the woman in the Galaxy (how stereotyped?) obviously thought so. When a car did appear in the other direction and I went to pull in she swung out to the white line and drove as close to the vehicle in front as she could , almost going into the back of them.


Then, a bit further up the road a van (yes it was white), pulled out as if to do a 'U' turn when I was right next to them. Luckily I was back in the middle of the other lane but he still managed to clip my wing mirror.
OK, i thought, could have been me not paying attention to indicators or something. Looking back, expecting to see the van going back down the road in the other direction, I was actually shocked. The bastard was still sitting in the queue and he was looking at me, making wanker signs and laughing, the utter tosser.

The sad thing is these are nothing like isolated incidents, I have something similar happen every day. And I really have to wonder at peoples mentality. I know you get a nice feeling when someone thanks you for a selfless action so I will always give a nod or wave to anyone who pulls over slightly and lets me through. I don't understand why anyone would do the opposite. It must make them feel worse, uptight, frustrated. Especially when I sail past anyway despite their best attempts to prevent me. Just chill dude! You'll feel better about yourself in the long run.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

'Nuff said.

And a week went by...

A whole week since the last entry. I'm ashamed of myself.
I do have reasons for it though, honest. The main one is Max & I have spent most evenings doing lots of homework on a new 'online shopping experience' she's thinking of setting up, trying to contact suppliers and checking out the competition. Not going to say too much here as yet but we hope to make an announcement after xmas.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Roads Gone Wild

"With that, Monderman tucks his hands behind his back and begins to walk into the square - backward - straight into traffic, without being able to see oncoming vehicles. A stream of motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians ease around him, instinctively yielding to a man with the courage of his convictions."

We need a bloke like this looking at Norfolks roads.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Feeling deflated.

Touch wood. The problems plaguing the site last week don't seem to be re-surfacing so it's back to posting.

The weekend was pleasant enough. Didn't do too much. Had to take Max and our next-door-neighbour Jo to the bus station at 5.45 Saturday morning so they could go to London for the day. Also had to pick them up at 00.15 Sunday morning, a very long day!

All the fun started this morning, left early for work as I had to get a parcel from the post office in town. Riding round the sharp bend at the top of the village the back of the bike stepped out. Caught the wobble and thought it was a slippery patch, diesel spill or something.

Then the bike did it again at the next corner.

OK, I thought, a big diesel spill. After sliding round the third corner I knew there was a problem. Got into town and checked the back of the bike and would you @£$%&!ing believe it. A sodding puncture!

Limped (very) slowly home, got straight on the phone to Drayton Tyres and ,as luck would have it, they had a Bridgestone BT020 in stock. Thank god.
Tyre is now done, wheel is back on bike, my credit card is £113.45 lighter and I have wasted my last days holiday this year. Ain't life grand.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Blogger probs

Been having a few problems with Blogging this week and I think it's my work machine. Since SP2 was installed IE6 started playing up so I installed Firefox. Earlier this week another update was put on and now Firefox never works and IE seems fine (i smell a conspiracy). The second post on Monday about my birthday was actually posted on Wednesday and this morning 'blog this'd' an article to my photoblog and it ended up here. Doncha just lurve technology.